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zssh 1.5 released !

New in this version :

zssh now compiles under solaris and can now be built without libreadline.
The completion engine has been improved.
new builtins and options have been added.
A number of bugs in tilde expansion, child handling and memory leaks have been fixed.
Many parts of the project including tty allocation have been cleaned/rewritten.

see changelog for more details:

Posted by matthieu lucotte 2001-10-07

zssh 1.4 released !

This version includes some new features such as a
ztelnet binary, a few new builtins, and bug fixes.
If you had problems with previous versions you may
want to give this one a try (especially NetBSD).

RPMs for i386 and alpha are now available.

Be sure to get the latest update if you downloaded
it before Sat Sep 1 16:07 2001.


Posted by matthieu lucotte 2001-09-03

1.3 release

New in this release:
- FreeBSD support (bug fixed)
- Redefinable escape sequence
(environment variable and command line arg)
- Tilde expansion in shell
(provided the GLOB_TILDE flag is supported by
the glob(3) function)

Posted by matthieu lucotte 2000-07-09

1.2c release

Fixed install bugs.
Escape sequence also changed from Alt-1 to ^@
(that is C-2 or C-` on a us keyboard)
Customization is the next step

Posted by matthieu lucotte 2000-07-01

1.2b release

Uwe Ohse's lszrz package is now included.
Fixed some install bugs.
escape sequence is now ^@ (Alt-1 is bound by default by window maker...)
Anyway Ctrl sequences are easier to test. It will be easier to customize.

Posted by matthieu lucotte 2000-06-30

beta 1.0 available

zssh v1.0b is available.
This version has been tested on Linux and NetBSD.
Other (POSIX) platforms have not been tested yet,
but should work without need of extreme hacking.
Feel free to report any bugs/suggestion to

Posted by matthieu lucotte 2000-06-29