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ZsqlML now updated (

ZsqlML has been enhanced to support more SQL language constructs, improved SELECT statement generation and also contains a first-pass support for hSQLdb SQL syntax generation.

In keeping with good engineering practices, ZsqlML now includes unit-testing of generated scripts.

To enhance this project further, ZsqlML is looking for expert volunteers to support additional database platforms, including Oracle, DB/2 and MS-SQL.

Posted by Adrian Geissel 2002-08-14

Java Proxy class generator added

Release includes a XSLT stylesheet to automatically generate Java classes to mirror your RDBMS structure, as defined using ZsqlML.

This release also includes a build file, and some samples. Type build demo.

Posted by Adrian Geissel 2001-12-10

Initial Release of zsqlML

zsqlML is an XML language for specifying SQL database structures, allowing developers and administrators to define and document their database structure, and then to generate SQL scripts for multiple vendor databases.

Additional applications for the zsqlML are sure to follow!

Check out the project homepage on http://zsqlml.sourceforge.net

Posted by Adrian Geissel 2001-11-27