#60 Better speed adjustment

Arthur Lesuisse


I see that there is now the possibility to adjust the emulation speed with a bar that goes from /30 to x30 or something. I find that system very useless, especially now that the fast fwd and slow down functions are adjustable too. It would be a lot better with a smaller and more continuous range of adjustment, like from 50 to 200 percents or something.

I mean, nobody wants to play their games at double or half speed, let alone x30 or /30, but they might like to play their games just slightly faster for example, especially RPGs.

Snes9x on the Mac OS has that feature where you can set the emulation speed as a percentage, and that really is the one feature that makes me stick with snes9x despite zsnes being better in every other aspect.


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    I would reccomend an overlay of sorts (much like volume bar on tv's)... when the button to trigger said function is pressed, emulation is paused, and you can slide the slider back and forth to pick emulation speed, have the bar go from 10% -> 250% (about the only range that becomes useful)