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#10 Random quiting

Philipp Giebel

Since some months, I'm using ZNC on my debian lenny machine. First, I used the original (ancient) debian package, then a newer one, I guess from backports and since yesterday, it's the current version 0.092 from lenny-backports.
All versions do the same to me: They randomly quit unmotivated (as far as I can see..)
The logfiles don't say anything but "I'm quitting now...", even with the "--debug" switch.
As an example, here's the log from the last crash, yesterday, when I ran "znc -f --debug /path/to/my/config"
USR::yahuuu == Disconnected()
(stimpy) ZNC -> CLI [:*partyline!znc@znc.in MODE ~#party -ov ?yahuuu ?yahuuu]
(stimpy) CLI -> ZNC [ISON *status *away *nickserv ]
(stimpy) ZNC -> IRC [ISON *status *away *nickserv ]
(stimpy) ZNC -> CLI [:kinetic.oftc.net 303 stimpy :*status *away *nickserv ]
(stimpy) IRC -> ZNC [:kinetic.oftc.net 303 stimpy :]
(stimpy) ZNC -> CLI [:kinetic.oftc.net 303 stimpy :]
That's it, after that, it quit..

I'm serving 4 users (incl. me) on oftc.net. We're all using many different clients: irssi, colloquy for iphone, colloquy for osx, qwebirc and the colloquy push-plugin.. As far as I can see, nobody's doing anything when these crashes happen..

Since others aren't having any problems like that, I guess, it's my mistake - but WHAT am I doing wrong?

Please help! Thanks! :)


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