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WinZmanim no longer supported

WinZmanim is no longer supported. I use Linux as my primary operating system, and it seems that lately even finding a bug in WinZmanim (and there are surely several) hasn't been enough motivation to boot into Windows to fix it.

Posted by Ken Bloom 2004-10-31

Please Help! Test Daylight Savings Time

please help me by testing daylight savings time handling in any version. if you find problems, email me

(I already intend to fix the problem where if "Today" is the first day of Daylight/Standard Time, "Yesterday"'s times will be wrong)

Posted by Ken Bloom 2003-03-31


Zmanim now has a sourceforge project. I've already written the software, and I plan to upload it to sometime before January 6th, 2003.

Posted by Ken Bloom 2003-01-02