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  • Rob

    Hi, I was thinking of using Zipios in some numerical code I am developing. I was wondering if someone could answer the following questions:

    1.) Maturity- I see that this project is only in beta. Is core functionality still missing? What still needs to be done?
    2.) Reading through the code, I saw support for writing to zip files. Is this functional yet?
    3.) Are people still working on this project, or has it been more or less abandoned?

    • Hi Rob,

      Starting from the back

      3) Yep, the project is more or less abandoned. I haven't worked on it personally for a few years. Other individuals have made contributions since then fixing bugs and keeping it up to date with recent versions of gcc

      2) Writing zip-files should be functional, but finer details such as storing file attributes is not supported. There is a ZipOutputStream a la and that's it.

      1) As for maturity I really can't say - I haven't touched it myself for years, and others have been working on it since then, so I can't say if it is actually fit for use.


  • What a pity that this project is no longer under active development. I have
    just come across it. It does need some updating, e.g it no longer compiles and
    the Visual Sudio support is sparse. But it does look good.

    Is there any chance of turning this lib into a GNU package? Then it could be
    orphaned and the GNU people could appeal for another maintainer?

  • Sure, no problem.

  • Russel Winder
    Russel Winder


    I think that the project needs to switch from CVS to Git and for the SourceForge project to switch from Classic to New. However you are the only project admin so currently you are the only person who can progress this.

    There are some bug fixes that need adding, a 0.1.6 released released as an RC for a 1.0.0 and then that releasing.

    I was then contemplating using this project as practice for C++11 use by starting a 2.0.0 branch.

    If you could get us into New SourceForge and Git territory then with a few people able to admin the SourceForge page, the project could progress as people make pull requests.

  • Russel Winder
    Russel Winder

    For the record, zipios++ has restarted development. Code has switched from CVS to Git on Sourceforge. (The CVS repository is retain "just in case", but all activity is in the Git repository.) Autotools has been replaced with CMake for build. C++11 is the base version of C++ used now. CppUnit has been replaced with Catch for the tests.

    This version will be 2.0.0 when released to avoid any possible confusion over version numbers.

    Last edit: Russel Winder 2015-03-16