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Eclipse Zip Editor / News: Recent posts

Eclipse Zip Editor version 1.0.8

Provides support for resources that are available only as stream.
[ 2494821 ] NPE on opening zipeditor

Posted by Uwe Voigt 2009-01-11

Eclipse Zip Editor version 1.0.6

minor changes/fixes

Posted by Uwe Voigt 2008-07-11

Eclipse Zip Editor version 1.0.5

added frame navigation and multi-property selection/setting

Posted by Uwe Voigt 2008-04-18

Eclipse Zip Editor version 1.0.4

fixes a bug that occurred when empty folders entries are stored: taken action is: all folder entries are stored by default now

Posted by Uwe Voigt 2008-04-03

Eclipse Zip Editor version 1.0.3

This release contains a fix related to zip file manipulation

File ZipEditor_1.0.3.jar runs on Eclipse 3.2 and above
File ZipEditor_for_3.0_1.0.3.jar runs on Eclipse 3.0/3.1

Posted by Uwe Voigt 2007-01-25

Eclipse Zip Editor version 1.0.2

Small changes

Posted by Uwe Voigt 2007-01-03

Eclipse Zip Editor version 1.0.1

This release adds the handling of tar.gz files

Posted by Uwe Voigt 2006-12-09

Eclipse Zip Editor version 1.0.0

An Eclipse editor to inspect and manipulate zip archives.
It supports drag & drop as well as to modify files from within the archive.

Posted by Uwe Voigt 2006-11-29