#51 Problematic Zina variable + Embedded player


If I enable the option : "Display lyrics from lyricwiki.com", then when I press Update and go back to Zina I always get the error message:

Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_LNUMBER, expecting T_VARIABLE or '$' in zina.ini.php on line 30

line 30 says: $3rd_lyr = "1";

if I rename that to : $rd_lyr = "1";
then I can load Zina again. I guess some versions of PHP don't like variable names starting with a number.


I have turned on

Flash player Inline
Flash player skin SilverSmall
Playlist format to return xspf
Stream internally True

but when I click on a song or on the speaker icon for that song the flash player always shows: "no tracks found in playlist".



  • ok, I'll fix the variable name.

    The Flash player...
    What OS, PHP version, CMS, browser are you using? And can you check the web server error_log for a message?

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  • Your beta6 fixed the first problem, good job.

    I'm on:

    PHP Version 5.2.5
    Windows XP SP2
    Firefox 3 + IE 7

    There are no errors in the log.

    Since this affects both browsers I have the feeling that the playlist isnt created ok. I will try to debug more tomorrow if it works for you at your end.


  • Well, two things you can try
    1. turn on firefox's Error Console and see if any JS errors.
    2. turn on Zina's debugging (Settings->Advanced->Debug
    - Then right click on a play icon and "Copy Link Location"... paste into browser's location box, press enter and see if a playlist comes back with any error message or what not...

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