#9 zimbra connector doesn't work with evolution 2.24

Bug (6)
Luca Foppiano

Zimbra connector doesn't work when I tried to add a new calendar using the
zimbra services through soap messages.

I tried with and without encryption, changing port but doesn't change anything,
I got two pop up errors messages:
- Unable to go online
- Authentication failed

Steps to reproduce:
1. Open evolution
2. Create a zimbra account
3. In the receive option tabs add settings to soap connection (I used 443 as
port with "Use secure connection" enabled.
4. Go to calendars and enable the related calendar

The problem happen every time.

I'm pretty sure it worked with previous evolution release (on Fedora 9,
precisely and evolution 2.22)
but I don't have idea why is not working (the zimbra sevice is the same, no
updates was performed)


  • Luca Foppiano
    Luca Foppiano

    Any idea about the cause of this bug?

  • Matthew Barnes
    Matthew Barnes

    If you're using Zimbra 5, there's no reason to use the Zimbra Connector anymore. Use Evolution 2.24's built-in CalDAV support instead.

  • Luca Foppiano
    Luca Foppiano

    sorry, I forgot you replied to me, but If I use calDAV, I can only read from calendar.

    I wish to write, so every appointment in my local calendar, should be pushed online...

    It worked very well with evolution 2.22...


  • Matthew Barnes
    Matthew Barnes

    CalDAV is both read/write. You might be thinking of "On The Web" calendars, which -are- read-only.

  • Yes, with Zimbra 5 you have CalDAV support... but... what happens with Contacts? There is no way to syncronize without exporting to CSV and importing in Evo.

  • Unfortunately, the connector IS still needed under Zimbra 5, for the following reasons:

    1) While CalDav works, it does not support recurring events.
    2) WebDAV support for Contacts does not work.

  • what's the status pf the connector now? Is this bug going to be fixed or is the connector officially treated as obsoloete?

  • Matthew Barnes
    Matthew Barnes

    I'm no longer working on it. I'd be happy to hand over maintainership if someone else wants to pick it up.