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Zighinetto Web UI in progress

I'm currently working on a set of useful UI controls for ASP.NET. These come from work from different projects, so I decided to reunite all them into a single DLL.

The most useful things are Google controls for AdSense, AdWords and Analytics that will simplify your life a lot if you are working with Google's advertising features.

Then, a set of Themeable images come. When you change theme, the image's appearence shall change too. This applies to images and image buttons. I also made an AJAX version for use with Gaia WebWidgets that will be published later on.

The controls of Org.Zighinetto.Web.dll are versioned 3.1 and are only available via Subversion right now

Enjoy ;)

Sorry for lack of documentation, I hope at least the Google controls are a little intuitive.
Admin controls are controls for making ASP.NET pluggable admin modules for website, still a work in progress.

Posted by Antonio Anzivino 2010-05-29