Dear zhcon's developers:
  I am developing an input method framework which provide IIIMF, OpenVanilla, (even SCIM in the future) support for unicode console.
  The project, which called UCIMF,  now works with "jfbterm", which is a linux unicode framebuffer console.
  Here are project's hosts:
  UCIMF's is designed to be a shared library, with a C/C++ API, aims to privode IME independent of console program.
  I have successful ported it to fbiterm, which is another unicode framebuffer console, too.

  Actually... I use a lot of graphic driver layer of zhcon in UCIMF, and the codes are really excellent,
  and zhcon's program architeture teaches me a lot, during whole my work. I often think, to do some feedback to the zhcon project.

  It's great to hear that zhcon support UTF-8 now !
  I am glad to port my program to support zhcon, and to support TC/SC/KR/JP input methods in near future.

  By the way, I current write a article, to discuss why PCF rendering rate is so much slower than TTF.
  Here is the article( In Traditonal Chinese ):
  So, I read some source code and some spec about PCF recently, and still continue studying PCF font rendering issues.
  It's heard in the devel mailing-list that zhcon plans to support PCF font,
  I wonder whether I have the chance to help to develope, or even cooperate.
  sincerely, Mat.