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Zero Wine Tryouts Alpha 4 released

= Changes for 20120528 =
Version Alpha 4
== Source Code ==
Implemented sample search (By Frank Poz)
Implemented sample tagging (By Frank Poz)
Updated userdb.txt (Contributed by Keivan Komeilipour)
Updated pdfid.py (0.0.12)
Updated pdf_parser.py (0.3.9)
Updated UPX (3.08)
Partly merged from original ZeroWine 2.0
Refactored some code
Some minor change
== Prebuilt QEMU image ==
Updated Debian (5.0.10)
Updated Wine (1.2.3)
Updated pefile (svn r117)
Updated TrID (2.11)
Updated TrIDDefs.TRD (4750 file types, 27/05/12)
Updated python-ptrace (0.6.4)
* Some minor change

Posted by Chae Jong Bin 2012-05-27