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ZenAWS only showing Perf Data (Cloudwatch) fr

  • Hi, We're using Zenoss 3.0.2 for monitoring our infrastructure and since we're expanding our system using AWS, we would like to monitor the EC2 Instances as well. Installed the latest ZenAWS zenpack version 1.0.3 and all instances were detected (us-east and us-west). However, checking the performance graphs of the instances (with Cloudwatch monitoring), we found out that only instaces from us-east have performance data. Running zencw2.py (the one used for the cloudwatch template - zencw2.py EC2Instance -u xxxxxxxxxx -p xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx -r 300 ), we found out that the command itself only gets the performance data from the us-east instances (no us-west instances shown in the output). I've read that previously, the zenpack only gets the instances from us-east so maybe the previous issue has something to do now with gathering cloudwatch data. Can someone verify if this is indeed the case or maybe we're missing something. Or are there possible fix for this issue. Thanks, Pete


            Original link: http://community.zenoss.org/message/53177?tstart=0#53177

  • vzeoxhks

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