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If I tried to know where can i find the "ayeh"s where "الله" comes directly after " في" I mean the sentence "في الله" . If I use the program Noor from CRCIS then you will find 401 results !! why because the search engine has no words or roots distance that you can specify between " في" and "الله".
Now if I use another old search engine that made also in iran 20 years ago in a program called Jame(جامع التفاسير) (find this in the attached file) then after I specify the distance(نطاق البحث) between " في" and "الله" as 0 word then I get only 11 search results which will spare me 2 hours work in comparision with Noor from CRCIS. some times if the search domain is larger it can cost me whole week to find the relationships).
Now on the other hand if the two words that i want to find is far away than each other like the words "سخر " and "هزا" then Noor from CRCIS give me 2 results and Jame give me 9 results!! a difference of 7 but it can be much much worser like to know the relationship between "كفر" and "فسق" with Noor from CRCIS it gives 8 results but with Jame it gives you 57 results i.e a difference of 49 ? this is bicause of the limitation of of the search engine of Noor from CRCIS . Note that the machine of Jame although it is 20 years old it is much developed than Noor from CRCIS!!
Please try to find solution to this because in the beloved Quran every sign is important not to mention 49 words, O" God forgive us

NB you can find Jame on this link

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