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ZeGrapher v2.0 is out !


After more than five months of development, ZeGrapher v2.0 is finished is out and available for you !

So, what's new ?
The biggest new features are:
- Parametric equation plot, the parameter to use on expressions is "t", but you can also use a second parameter, always "k", to have a parametric parametric equation :P
And with this comes naturally animation ! You can of course animate your curves, varying "k" or "t", if you want more smoothness on it, you can increase refresh rate, and if you want more speed, higher increase period. All of this will become clearer when doing it.
- new values table, nothing to say about, despite the fact that it's better now :)
- green/red background on entry expression widgets: green for right syntax of course.
- a lot of little changes.... read more

Posted by Adel Kara Slimane 2013-02-08 Labels: v2.0 new version zegrapher

ZeGrapher v1.3 !

There is two new big features: sequence plotting, you can define them by recurrence or explicitly. And also, parametric plotting for functions and sequences, you just have to use the "k" parameter and you'll be asked to enter it's range and step. There is also color interpolation between each parametric curve.

Don't waste your time reading this, go directly to download it !
Yeah, but you wrote it at the end...... read more

Posted by Adel Kara Slimane 2011-12-20

ZeGrapher v1.2 is here !


After three moths of hard work, I'm happy to announce the new version of ZeGrapher. So what's new ? Everything that you need to know is here: http://en.zegrapher.tk

Thank you.

Posted by Adel Kara Slimane 2011-10-01