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[r1196] by kaya001

readme.txt for

2013-05-12 19:39:13 Tree
[r1195] by kaya001

version from 1.0.0 to 1.0.1

2013-05-12 17:51:08 Tree
[r1194] by kaya001

Bugfix [1604041]: in pinyin recall moving to next card can be set from 0 to 999 seconds. If moved manually to the next card, zdt's timer to move to the next card is canceled.

2013-05-12 17:49:48 Tree
[r1193] by kaya001

Bugfix [3613142]: order of imported entries is now respected

2013-05-12 17:48:02 Tree
[r1192] by kaya001

version 1.0.1

2013-05-09 20:59:04 Tree
[r1191] by kaya001

use config.ini created by eclipse and add the 2 missing lines by ant-script

2013-05-09 20:33:37 Tree
[r1190] by kaya001

rest of v1.0.1

2013-05-09 19:53:15 Tree
[r1189] by kaya001

installer launches zdt as current user even when installer required to authenticate as admin, so that zdt is pointing to the right user data

2013-05-09 16:32:18 Tree
[r1188] by kaya001

Bugfix 3612826: create (empty) user tables if they don't exist, for example when user.script doesn't exist.

2013-05-08 15:49:18 Tree
[r1187] by kaya001

when installer must run with admin privileges, we still want to copy user data (i.e. user.script) to user folders and not to admin folders (WTF!)

2013-05-08 14:53:33 Tree
[r1186] by kaya001

version 1.0.0

2013-05-08 12:41:45 Tree
[r1185] by kaya001

version 1.0.0

2013-05-08 12:38:01 Tree
[r1184] by kaya001

- install file names without version number to keep them more general
- mention 64 Bit

2013-05-07 12:21:39 Tree
[r1183] by kaya001


2013-05-06 19:30:45 Tree
[r1182] by kaya001

allow standalone r

2013-05-06 12:10:58 Tree
[r1181] by kaya001


2013-05-05 00:17:02 Tree
[r1180] by kaya001

new version (1.0.0)

2013-05-05 00:06:23 Tree
[r1179] by kaya001


2013-05-05 00:05:37 Tree
[r1178] by kaya001

new version number

2013-05-05 00:00:20 Tree
[r1177] by kaya001

new version number

2013-05-04 23:57:56 Tree
[r1176] by kaya001

new version number

2013-05-04 23:57:19 Tree
[r1175] by kaya001

extended unicode character recognition

2013-05-04 22:03:30 Tree
[r1174] by kaya001

bugfix: resuming on last flash card threw an error

2013-05-03 15:43:00 Tree
[r1173] by kaya001

dictionary updated based on May 03, 2013 version of CC-Cedict with 106174 entries

2013-05-03 14:17:48 Tree
[r1172] by kaya001

skip comments

2013-05-03 13:56:46 Tree
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