#43 Draging charector pairs into ZDT from external doesn't work

Charles Bluett

Dragin charector pairs ie.下午 from word 2003 into a
catagory will paste them in as individual words for
each char. from mozilla this works fine. copy and
pasting them in to the catagory also works fine. this
also happened from wordpad. I also was able to crash
ZDT twice while testing this. .log attached


  • bogleg

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    Weird. I try dragging from my version of Word and it
    doesn't paste them in as anything at all. Also, I don't see
    the attached .log file. Could you re-attach it?

  • Charles Bluett
    Charles Bluett

    • status: open --> closed-fixed
    • Version: --> pre-v1
  • Tested with ZDT v1.0.2 and Word 2010 on Windows 7 Professional.
    cedict was the selected dictionary (e.g. Edit -> Dictionary -> Next Dictionary until it says 'cedict' in the bottom status bar of ZDT).

    First, 下午:
    1. New Word document.
    2. Wrote the word 下午.
    3. Selected the word and dragged it to an open category list in ZDT. A small plus appeared (like when you copy a file in Windows Explorer).
    4. Released the button. ZDT presents the user with two choices from the dictionary to choose from. The whole word 下午 is added, both characters.

    Tried again with 'user' dictionary selected. This are all the words (entries) that are in any of the categories.
    In this case ZDT only added '下' and did not provide the user with a choice. Most logical explanation: Only '下' in the categories entries. 下午 as a combination did not appear anywhere in any user entry.

    Tried again with 只有, a word that I knew was present just once in one of the entries (dictionary 'user' selected). It added this combination right away.

    Tried again with a random string that was not in cedict (cedict selected): 下午买只有. ZDT breaks it up in parts that do exist: 下午, 买, and 只有 and added these entries, presenting the user to choose if multiple definitions were found. (When trying the same with 'user' selected, 午 and 买 where not added, probably because they were nowhere in any of the entries. 下 and 只有 where added).

    It seems that dragging and dropping works from Word. Since the tracker is old, it is set to closed-fixed. If anybody experiences strange behavior, please, report, so we can have a close look. Any steps taken, including which dictionary is selected is appreciated.

    afdThat worked: it nicely suggested me to choose