ZD1211 Linux driver now hosted on SourceForge

The Linux driver for the ZyDAS ZD1211 chip (802.11b/g USB WLAN) is now hosted on SourceForge (see http://zd1211.sourceforge.net\).

The initial code was contributed by ZyDAS (GPL). At the moment, to project is looking for driver programmers, since ZyDAS is not officially supporting linux. The code is available on SourceForge's CVS and FTP servers.

Since this project has no commercial backing, we are very thankful for any donation. If you like to donate to the project, any amount is welcome and will be solely spent into the driver's improvement.

Users are asked to use this central download place from now on, to allow us an exact measuring of user interest in this driver. If you know of any bug, or like to have some features, please send us a note. The driver lives from your valueable input!

Posted by Markus KARG 2005-01-29