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zimbraMigrate 0.4 Released

zimbraMigrate has been updated to version 0.4. This release includes a new "--folder" option and fixes a bug with newer zimbra releases.

Posted by Eric Work 2008-11-24

zimbraMigrate 0.3 released

I have contributed a new set of scripts for performing Zimbra server-to-server or user-to-user migration. These scripts are not related to the cold backup scripts.

Posted by Eric Work 2008-03-29

Organized the SF.net ZCS Tools Project Website

Setup the Tracker, Forums and Tasks!

Use Tracker for the following:
1. Submission of Bugs
2. Feature Requests

Use Forums for the following:
1. Discussion on Development
2. Request Help
3. Provide Suggestions, Ideas, Feedback, etc.

Created 2 sub-projects under Tasks:
1. zimbraColdBackup
2. zimbraHotBackup

Posted by Chintan Zaveri 2006-10-23

zimbraColdBackup Ver 0.02 Beta released

yes, I forgot to include "Beta" in my previous post. This is still Beta. Your feedback appreciated.


Posted by Chintan Zaveri 2006-10-22

zimbraColdBackup Ver 0.02 released

This is a complete rewrite and supports sending the backups on another system.

If you have questions or doubts, please use the Forums or better yet, ask on Zimbra's Forums.

Posted by Chintan Zaveri 2006-10-22

I haven't finished ...

Lately, I have been occupied with a number of personal things and haven't had much time to progress. This is just a short break, though, and I will try to come up with the next version ASAP.

In the meanwhile, if you would like to see any new features in the next release, please use the Forums. I will try my best to integrate them.


Chintan Zaveri.

Posted by Chintan Zaveri 2006-10-11