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Arduino library

  • has anybody ever tried to have this ported to Arduino or any other AVR microcontrollers? I've read this library requires 1K of program space, well within the Arduino capabilities, and it is capable of raw data processing, which should mean it should be able to work on an AVR microcontroller and some external memory to buffer the image.

    How much memory would it require to process a VGA (720 x 480 x 2 bytes color depth) raw image?

    Would be any interest in pursuing this microcontroller version?

  • Dididito


    I would be interested in arduino version of Zbar.

    Recently I bought an arducam shield, that allows you to choose the format of the image. But I don't know if it is possible to decode it.

    Any suggestion?

  • AfouToPatisa

    I would also love to port this code to Arduino. I have a spare laser engine and I can input binary raw data through the GPIO... Has anyone done anything similar?