iPod Optimization

  • William

    Im making an app which scans only EAN13 barcodes using iPod. The app will only run on iPod, for cost reasons…
    How should i optimize the ZBar?
    I tried modifying scanCrop and scan X&Y density, without much improved results.
    As of now it can scan barcodes from a screen, but still quite slow for barcodes on printed format

  • Jake Traynham
    Jake Traynham

    tape a small plastic magnifying glass to the back … think I'm crazy? try it. :)

  • I think making adjustments to scanCrop and X&Y density won't have much of an impact because the ipod touch has a fixed focus camera which results in out-of-focus blur in the camera images. You would need to make some fairly fundamental changes to the binarization/thresholding algorithms in the decoder to deal with the blurry barcode images.

    As an alternative to taping a lens to the camera as "jaketraynham " suggested (I like the idea and this would definitely work in my opinion!), consider a barcode scanner such as our Scandit SDK (http://www.scandit.com) or redlaser which support the decoding of blurry barcodes on devices with a fixed focus camera such as the ipod touch or the ipad. Integration of our Scandit barcode scanner is pretty straightforward and we have a free community license: http://www.scandit.com/pricing.