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Version confusion?

  • Andy Fielding
    Andy Fielding

    Great game! Your file says "0.2.9", but the game screen says "1.09705a". Which is correct?

  • That's weird…. I don't recall displaying the version anywhere. The version is 0.2.9 as the file says. Where did you see that 1.09705a displayed ?

  • Andy Fielding
    Andy Fielding

    Oh, sorry, this is funny… It wasn't a version number. See, I played it one time, and set a "high score" (the only score). So the next time I ran it, this appeared on the startup screen:

    1. 09705 a

    …because "a" was the name I'd entered, and I didn't notice the space after "1." (which is smaller than it appears here).

    Well, it's _partly_ your fault for not saying "High Scores".  :?D

    Anyway, fabulous game… It's hard to believe only about 300 people have DL'd it so far. Do you think this could be because it's such a relatively DL for a 2D game—over 40 MB)? (Just wondering—is there any special reason why it needs to be that big?)

  • 0.3.1 is currently 19MB. The reason it was so big it because the textures were all in png. I converted what I could to jpg and recompressed the music files.

    When it comes to highscores….. good point :)