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Version 0.2.2 Released!

Much has happened in the last year of this project, and Alpha has been reached.

Please read the readme.txt, where a tutorial may be found.


Posted by Zanzi Zoi 2009-03-14

Specification now available for download

Relevant information that could enable any P2P client to implement the same functionality as this project, has been released on the Wiki. Please feel free to download and integrate into other P2P applications.

Posted by Zanzi Zoi 2009-02-20

Current development status

The development of this breaking edge technology is well under way. To such a degree that some interest into the project has to be followed up upon. During this time it may look as if development is slowing down, while favorable international activities receive priority and precedence over development statistics.

Any contributions to the current code base from the community is as always more than welcome. ... read more

Posted by Zanzi Zoi 2008-06-28

Version 0.2 Released!

Version 0.2 has been released source, cvs and binaries. Download and place feedback if you like. The application is reaching beta shortly. It is now connecting to the Z1 network (not via discovery yet) and can send zanzi formatted search strings to another host. Much work has still to be done; therefore you are welcome to join in the development of this project.

Posted by Zanzi Zoi 2008-06-10

Language Package Released

The resx files for the Zanzi Client has been released. Currently for English and Afrikaans.
Any and all are welcome to translate to the language of your preference.


Posted by Zanzi Zoi 2008-06-07

Net2 files released

Packages and files have been released for VS2005 and VS2008. Please feel free to review the code and list a bug or feature request.

Posted by Zanzi Zoi 2008-06-04

Zanzi is Mono compatible

Great news for mono developers!
The source code of Zanzi has been tested with the latest mono migration analyzer (MoMa version 1.9) and passed the test flying colors. Developers that want to port the application to the Mono framework will be able to do so with ease.

Posted by Zanzi Zoi 2008-05-28

Source and Documentation Released

The source code and documentation has been released for the project(s). Download and have fun!

Posted by Zanzi Zoi 2008-05-17

Screen shots uploaded

Screen shots of the applications GUI at the time of writing has been uploaded to the sf site. More screen shots can be found on the application website.

Posted by Zanzi Zoi 2008-05-14

Wiki started

The sf wiki has been started, with information related to the zanzi application. This is work in progress.

Posted by Zanzi Zoi 2008-05-14

Project Status

The project has been registered and details will be uploaded shortly. Before the website is ported to sf it can be viewed at

Posted by Zanzi Zoi 2008-05-13