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Read Me

 ABOUT YuLastfm
This is a Perl plugin for Pidgin. YuLastfm fetches current track information from
Last.fm through its API. Then, YuLastfm use this fetched infomation to update
Pidgin's TUNE status, also known as Now Playing information, periodically.


    * Pidgin 2.6.0 or later


    * For Linux user:
      Simply copy yulastfm.pl to ~/.purple/plugins/
      You can achieve that by giving the following commands.

      $ mkdir -p ~/.purple/plugins
      $ cp yulastfm.pl ~/.purple/plugins

    * For Windows user:
      Before you can use this plugin, you have to install ActivePerl.
      You may visit the pidgin wiki for more information about that.

      At section "Why doesn't my Perl plugin show up in the Plugins dialog?"

      You could download ActivePerl here.


      After you make sure you have installed ActivePerl, you have to copy
      yulastfm.pl to one of the following directory.

      C:\Documents and Settings\user\Application Data\.purple\plugins


      C:\Program Files\Pidgin\plugins


    * Before do further configuration, you should install this plugin first.
    * Open pidgin, then you can find it in Plugins List by the following menu path

      Tools -> Plugins

      or using the hotkeys


    * After find out YuLastfm on the Plugins List, you can configure it through click on the

      "Configure Plugin"


    * There are only two preferences you need to setup,"Last.fm User" and "Refreshing Rate (per sec.)."
    * "Last.fm User" is the Last.fm user account you want to fetch now playing information.
      You don't need the password to make it work.
    * "Refresh Rate (per sec.)" is the time period between each refresh action.
      Generally, the default value, 60, is a reasonable refresh rate.
      Be aware not to set this value too small to let Last.fm website to regard this as a hostile attack.


    * You can find this action through the following menu path:

      Tools->YuLastfm->"Refresh Tune"

    * The occasion you would like to use it is:

      1. You want to refresh the information from Last.fm "Right Away."

      2. You just change the Refresh Rate of YuLastfm from the Plugins List, and want the newly setted
         value active right away. If you don't do this, the new Refresh Rate will not replace the old
         one untill the next plugin reload or Pidgin restart.


    * Project Homepage


    * Bug Report and Discussion

      Open Discussion (need to have a SourceForge.net account to post):

      Help Forum (allow anonymous post):


     * Lin, Chih-Chun <linleno@users.sourceforge.net>