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We're Back!

I know it's been a while, but I'm finally back to a point where I have the time & energy to work on ytnef. There's been a few patches submitted regarding issues with the latest versions of Outlook, and I hope to have those integrated in short order.

Also, I plan to do a complete API rewrite on the library. The existing interface is a real nightmare, and for that I apologize. I've been writing another C/C++ Library for work, and I've learned alot of "the right way" for such interfaces. So expect a new libytnef soon with a vastly improved interface!... read more

Posted by Randall Hand 2006-04-17

Project Update - May 27, 2005

It's been a while since my last update, but it's been a very busy year for me. New house, new job, new life basically. But things are settling down again, so I'm going to be working on ytnef again. Here's a list of things you can see in the next release:

* Better Outlook integration - there's been a few bug reports filed about new fields that are required for new versions of outlook to properly receive the VCAL attachments.
* TNEF drop-in integration - the next version (3.0 I suppose) of ytnef will support a "tnef replacement" mode, where (I hope) it will emulate tnef behavior, showing the VCAL/VCARD entries as extra attachments.
* Totally new API - I know this doesn't matter to many of you, but i'm going to totally rewrite the API and document it with Robodoc. Hopefully the new version will make alot more sense than the current travesty of byte-swapping and pointer madness.
* GUI Interface - This will be one of the last things i'm going to tackle, and hopefully someone will step up to the plate to help, but I want to write a GTK GUI for ytnef that will run on Windows, Linux, and OSX. This will hopefully integrate nicely with projects like Thunderbird and others.... read more

Posted by Randall Hand 2005-05-27

ytnef 2.6/libytnef 1.5 released

This is a minor release compared to previous versions. The only real change is that now the libytnef will compile on older (gcc2.96 etc) compilers.

Posted by Randall Hand 2004-09-14

ytnef 2.5 released!

Big news in this release! Recurring meetings are now supported! I have to thank Viraj Alankar for figuring all this out, and coding up the patches to implement it. I've rolled up new tarballs and RPM's and they're up for download.

One note though, the RPM's do not contain the script. It's still available in the source tarballs, but in the RPM's it adds alot of unnecessary dependancies so I removed it.

Posted by Randall Hand 2004-04-09

ytnef 2.4 Released!

With some help from a few Exchange & Outlook users, I was finally able to get true meeting confirmations to work! Now when you accept a meeting VCF in Evolution (or any other VCF compatible email client) sent by Outlook, the resulting meeting acknowledgement will be interpreted properly by outlook!

This is a big achievement, and I'ld like to thank everyone who helped get this working! So get your ytnef 2.4 and try it out!

Posted by Randall Hand 2004-03-11

libytnef 1.4 Released

Kudos to Duncan Sargeant for pointing out a glitch with the Leap Year code again.. I was making March have 29 days instead of February!

Also, kudos to Dave Kelly for submitting a nice patch to add RPM support to libytnef! So now you can get a nice simple RPM. Be sure to download the new version, & recompile ytnef today!

Posted by Randall Hand 2004-03-04

libytnef 1.3 Released

Congratulations to Viraj Alankar and Baruch Even for finding a problem with my handling of dates in the new Year. Seems the leap year wasn't being computed correctly and the dates were all off by a day. Also, events on January 1st caused an infinite loop!

It's fixed now, just recompile this and your existing ytnef 2.3 release with it, and you're sll set!

Posted by Randall Hand 2003-12-29

libytnef 1.2/ytnef 2.3 Released!

New versions all around ! And just in time for Christmas. The big feature this time around is support for Compressed RTF entries. This means that now your calendar entries have a DESCRIPTION tag, and that TNEF forwarded email will show up correctly. The inclusion of the RTF is done rather naively at the moment, but it seems to work just fine on my end with Evolution.


Posted by Randall Hand 2003-12-15

Compressed RTF Support

Ytnef now has beginning support for Compressed RTF Fields! This means that now I can finally get a "Description" field in those calendar entries. It's still buggy, and only in CVS, but the decoding part works great.

Have to thank Jason Bobier for pointing me to the jtnef project (Put a link in the links section) for the info.

Posted by Randall Hand 2003-12-03

libYtnef 1.1/Ytnef 2.2 released!

I saw someone was advertising a problem with ytnef on their web site today, and after a few emails I figured out what was going on.

It seems that there really are contact cards with no person's name associated with them. The example in case was a card for a company, "American Airlines" in this case. A few modifications later, and now it will extract contact cards regardless of the name.... read more

Posted by Randall Hand 2003-11-20

ytnef 2.1 Released!

Have to thank the "anonymous yahoo user" for this one. He noticed that contact cards, while detected properly, came out almost totally blank. Sure enough, it's a bug. So ytnef 2.1 is released!

Still works with libytnef 1.0 though.

Posted by Randall Hand 2003-09-02

2.0 Installation problems

I've had a few people tell me they had problems installing ytnef 2.0. During compiling, it raises errors about missing ytnef.h and such.

This may not have been clear, but you must install libytnef1.0 first! You can find it on the same download page as ytnef2.0. Hope this helps.

Posted by Randall Hand 2003-08-30

ytnef 2.0 released!

After alot of testing, and a few last minute changes, ytnef 2.0 is out the door, along with libytnef 1.0. The application and the library have been split into two separate packages, for easier consolidation into other projects. Also, the old ytnef binary has been split into a useful ytnef and a debugging ytnefprint binary.

Along with alot of documentation cleanups, and bug fixes, this is just a generally much better implementation of everything. Go get it now!

Posted by Randall Hand 2003-08-25

yTNEF-1.16 Try #2

Alan Sill pointed out a glitch in my distribution package. I forgot to include half the files! I bundled the package with a 'make dist', and apparently I needed to specify each of the header files to include in the distribution.

It's fixed now, so redownload 1.16 and try it! Or be really brave and go for 2.0 in CVS!

Posted by Randall Hand 2003-08-07

yTnef 2.0 CVS !

A note for those of you using ytnef CVS. The split between app and library is finally finished. At least the first crack at it is. So not only will you need the ytnef module, but before that you'll need the ytneflib module.

I hope to clean up the library a bit, and come up with some documentation on how to use it. With any luck, libytnef 1.0 and ytnef 2.0 will be released in just a few days.

Posted by Randall Hand 2003-08-07

yTNEF 1.16 released

After a long delay, yTNEF v1.16 is now released, with alot of changes. The most notable ones being the conversion to the GNU Automake suite, and a complete rewrite of the file IO routines so that now it can handle in-memory processing, so no more temporary files!

Also, because of this change, the options have changed alot, so those of you using stryker's tnefclean will need to wait to upgrade until he releases a new version of his perl script that is compatible.... read more

Posted by Randall Hand 2003-08-06

yTNEF 1.13 released!

A friend of mine found a glitch where Task requests without Due dates or starting dates would cause a segfault. Needless to say, now it's fixed. Pesky pointer problems.

Posted by Randall Hand 2003-04-02

yTNEF 1.12 and 1.1 released!

It's been a while since the last update, but not alot has changed so it makes sense. I got a code snipped from Leigh L. Klotz, Jr. which let MIME::Parser use whatever encoding it thinks is best, and to encode VCF's as text/calendar instead of application/binary. I also extended this patch to mark VCF's for inline display, which makes them a little easier to use in Evolution. Enjoy! :)

Posted by Randall Hand 2003-03-27

yTNEF v1.11 Released

Now with support for start and due dates in Task entries, and other dates in calendar entries. Recurring meetings is slowly making progress, but I need your help! I need test data! If you have outlook handy, please generate some test calendar entries with something known in every field and send it to me, or post it int he Forums. Thank you!

Posted by Randall Hand 2003-03-05

v1.10 Released

I just noticed a glitch in the way I was storing files, so versions 1.01 through 1.09 are now gone, and only v1.10 is available for download. Future versions will accumulate normally.

But in this release, you can see better formatting support in Task summaries, as well as support for meeting cancellations! Also, now tasks list organizers and attendees normally.

Posted by Randall Hand 2003-02-21

yTNEF v1.09 released

Hot on the heels of v1.08, v1.09 is out with a few new features. Most notably, now you can automatically accept Tasks sent from outlook users and have them added to your Evolution Task list. Also in this release is some new code for vCalendar entries, greatly cleaning up the the attendees list.

Posted by Randall Hand 2003-02-13

yTNEF 1.08 Released

It's been a few weeks since the last release, and I found a glitch the other day, so here's the Fix! Now blank fields aren't exported to vCards and address information is now exported as quoted-printable entries, to remove problems with unique data entry techniques (read: Carriage Returns)

Posted by Randall Hand 2003-02-12

yTNEF v1.07 released

1.07 is released, with the small addition of the -L option, a modifications to v1.06's -l option. Expect to see a new version of tnefclean soon with yTNEF support!
Also, this is a call to everyone out there who's using this program. I need test data. If you could create such winmail.dat files with things like reminders and recurring appointments, and post them in the Tracker that I have created for samples, It would greatly help me to crack the remaining information. Simply create the file, and email it to me indicating that it's a simple or post it in the Samples area yourself. Thanks!

Posted by Randall Hand 2003-01-24

yTNEF 1.06 released

With a minor fix for meeting requests, and added support for the latest version of tnefclean, v1.06 has been released. Also, I have to ask for anyone with outlook to please create some winmail.dat files & send them to be or post them in the forums for testing.

Posted by Randall Hand 2003-01-23

yTNEF 1.05 released

yTNEF 1.05 is now released, with a new command line option to remove those useless message.rtf attachments, and with Unicode Support!

Posted by Randall Hand 2003-01-15