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Yoshimi / News: Recent posts

LAC 2015

At the Linux Audio Conference this year I presented a workshop covering the common features of Zyn/Yoshi, but from a musician's viewpoint rather than a technical one. I'm pleased to say it was well received, and later I had many enquiries about Yoshimi itself. There was great interest in LV2 support and a number of interesting suggestions for improving the user interface.

In Yoshimi there are quite a few features that many people seem to be unaware of. Partly this is due to the fact that some of these have only been implemented in the last few months. Documentation is admittedly thin, but there are notes in the the Docs directory.... read more

Posted by Will Godfrey 5 days ago

New year - New Yoshimi

It's going to be a busy time for us.

Work is underway to create a common command structure that will allow a much greater range of control methods, alternative user interfaces and future extensions.

The instrument bank setup is also undergoing considerable improvement, and will become much more flexible with definitive bank and bank root setting. It will also allow MIDI setting of bank roots and tie in with the new command structure.... read more

Posted by Will Godfrey 2015-01-03

Something New

Well, quite a lot of somethings actually.

With the next release (very soon) Yoshimi will look better, will be more user friendy, more informative, but in particular will be capable of being used as an LV2 plugin.

Posted by Will Godfrey 2014-11-27

Onwards and Upwards!

A welcome to Andrew onto the team. Development moves up a gear.

After a brief survey, it's clear that ALSA MIDI is far from dead, so yoshimi continues to support it fully.

Quite a lot of unseen 'plumbing' in progress at the moment. Should make little visible difference at first, but the code gets steadily better, Xruns become less likely and hooks are in place for some nice enhancements.

Posted by Will Godfrey 2014-11-05


In the next version there will be some usability enhancements, GUI tidy-ups, along with removal of a few bugs and speed bumps, also there will be some compatibility improvements with our parent, Zyn.

Yoshimi's development of individual part outputs, bank and program changes, are just about how everyone wanted them.

These are all in the current master branch.

Finally, we are experimenting with 'naturalising' the sound by giving each note a tiny pitch randomisation. Like everything we are doing, this will be user selectable.

Posted by Will Godfrey 2014-08-14

To ALSA or not to ALSA

In discussions at this year's Linux Audio Conference a bit of a question mark was raised over ALSA MIDI support. A lot of people seem to be giving this up and relying on bridges like a2jmidi for legacy software and hardware inputs. Jack MIDI is already
synchronous so should be jitter-free whereas ALSA MIDI runs on a 'best effort' basis. Added to which Jack is available for OS X and Windows so concentrating on this could make a possible port to other platforms more attractive - not to me I hasten to add!... read more

Posted by Will Godfrey 2014-05-17

Congrats to Will!

We wish to congratulate Will on the release of 1.2.0 !!!

Posted by Jonathan E. Brickman 2014-03-18

Small Steps

After a fairly quiet time we are back on the development treadmill.

Posted by Will Godfrey 2014-03-17

We mourn the passing of Cal the Gifted!

We mourn the passing of Cal the Gifted!!! But I am confident he is enjoying much higher music now :-)

Posted by Jonathan E. Brickman 2011-08-22