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Yoctoprox(y) / News: Recent posts

0.4.4a - Better CSS support

Yoctoprox now locates and translates CSS links using the @import and url() syntax. This means that standards-stringent sites like Wikipedia will now display properly.

(On the downside, it will translate all instances of @import and url(), even if they're showing up in the readable text of the site. So if you're reading a site about CSS that gives examples of this notation, those examples may get translated by Yoctoprox when they really shouldn't.)

Posted by A.G. Wells 2006-02-16

(0.4.3a) Now supports HTTP auth

This isn't a big update in terms of the number of lines of code, but it implements one of my big functionality targets. Yoctoprox can now handle HTTP authentication. That's authentication that's initiated by a "WWW-Authenticate" header from a web server. In most web browsers, it causes a little grey window to pop up that asks you for a username and password, which the browser then caches and sends back with every file request to that server (for that auth domain, anyway).... read more

Posted by A.G. Wells 2006-02-11