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SWT-XUI 1.0 M1 Build 20050715 Released! Support DND...

Add "dragSource", "dropTarget", "transfer" tags for supporting DND(Drag aNd Drop) function.
Add a example named DND.xml to demonstrate the DND function.

Posted by yipsilon 2005-07-15

SWT-XUI 1.0M120050704 Released! Improving graphics

Add several tags for graphics generation using GC.

Improving resource management:

1. Add cursor tag.
2. Add font tag.
3. Add image tag.
4. Manage resource vy object registry.

Posted by yipsilon 2005-07-04

New build version of SWT-XUI released, supports Python

From 1.0 M1 Build 20050701 of SWT-XUI, it supports Python script language embeded by Jython.

Posted by yipsilon 2005-07-01

SWT-XUI M1 Build 20050630 Released!

It is a milestone release!

Now, It supports JavaScript, Groovy and BeanShell to control the business logic. They can invoke the swt widget which is created by XUIRE via the ObjectRegistry ID as variable.

Posted by yipsilon 2005-06-30