Yield Prolog 0.9.9 Released

This release has many updates for the Python version. The Javascript and C# versions of
Yield Prolog can now compile to Python code.
Try the query editor at:

Updated the fact store for Python to use the
same delayed index as C# and Javascript.
This means when you call YP.assertFact, it simply
stores it. When you call YP.matchFact, it creates
an index as needed. Also supported is
YP.retractFact (but only if retracting all facts
for the predicate/arity).

Coming soon is full support for dynamic predicates
in all versions.

Also updated the C# project files to use
Visual Studio 2008. This fixes a bug
in code generated by the Prolog compiler in
combination with the cut operator. Mono has
not yet fixed the bug in their compiler:

Posted by Jeff Thompson 2008-03-06