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yepp in debian

A quick note, since it has been pretty silent here: we are working to get Yepp released in Debian ;)

Posted by Marc Leeman 2002-05-18

Sources in CVS

First an introduction:
I joined the yepp devel a couple of months ago. The code is mostly written by Park (and he did a very good job), I restructured a couple of things and converted the sources to use the GNU Autotools.
The latest version (which i named 0.0.4-1) are now in CVS (need to do some configuring though).
Use the module yepp_sources (since full_sources was a bit confusing, I am removing them again)

Posted by Marc Leeman 2002-04-18

Command based open source yepp driver

You can get CUI version at

Yepp Explorer for Linux is GUI version of it.

Posted by Park No-seong 2001-11-24

Yepp Explorer for Linux Released

Protocol of Samsung Yepp( E-Series, Z-Series and Digitalway( EX-MP is same.
Tested with Yepp YP-E32S.

Posted by Park No-seong 2001-09-10