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Version 0.46 released!

Important bug fix in "ypost" - the "=yend" line in the trailer was not correctly including the "part=" field.

Posted by Don Moore 2002-03-21

Version 0.45 released!

This release includes many enhancements and a few bug fixes, for the "ypost" program.

Posted by Don Moore 2002-03-21

Version 0.4 released!

A few minor bugfixes in the encoder, plus a new program "ypost" to post messages to Usenet.

Posted by Don Moore 2002-03-13

Version 0.3 released!

Main features of this new version include yEnc spec v3 compliance, CRC file creation ability, and strict file syntax verification/testing options.

Posted by Don Moore 2002-03-08

Version 0.25 released

yencode 0.25 is now available. The main new feature is SFV support.

Posted by Don Moore 2002-03-01