YB.ORM-0.4.0 released

* New SQL driver for SOCI library (http://soci.sourceforge.net/).
  If you build with SOCI then you can use connection URL like this:
  "mysql+soci://user=test1 pass=test1_pwd host=localhost service=test1_db" -
  this example shows usage of native MySQL driver, and the following
  one shows usage of ODBC through SOCI -
* Support for floating point numeric types (Value::FLOAT),
  i.e. float and double in C++.
* Did some profiling and made significant improvements in speed,
  in particular: fixed input parameter binding; removed excessive use
  of shared pointers, replaced them with intrusive pointers, especially
  where thread-safety makes no sense; now the variant type Yb::Value
  is optimized to make fewer memory allocations.
* Pre-built packages for Windows now make use of single
  configuration file bin\yborm_env.bat, this is the place to set PATH
  environment variable and to specify the connection string for
  the test database.
* Auth sample: TcpSocket::accept() now can return source address of
  incoming connection; fixed exception handing in micro_http.cpp.
* Tested with Borland C++ Builder 6: kind of works.
  Yes, the compiler is an old piece of crap, I know.
* NOTE: there is a new field named 'D' in test table 'T_ORM_TEST',
  so you may encounter problems in case you run tests on existing table,
  things can be altered like this (example shown for MySQL):
  mysql> alter table T_ORM_TEST add (D double precision);
* Updated docs, see "doc" directory.
Posted by Vaclav Naydionov 2013-06-18