an "open" portal vs. a "private" community

Lj Gww
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    Lj Gww

    The model where online users apply and administrator approve the user is well done concept.

    But I have encountered one interesting situation. A local site that doesnot have SMTP server available. Yawps is ideal solution for quick intra-site but lack of SMTP creates inability to create users in originally intended way.

    It would be appreciated if users can be created directly by administrator at the end of the day why we always need to think this is bad idea? Tell administraotr to create you a user and he does it for you and pass you back your initial credentials. I believe there will be no much of a problem to reuse good part of an existing user creation code and make this posibility available.

    I am also interested to jump into extensions of the main code, found many things that can be improved.

    Any guidelines for that idea?

  • Lj Gww
    Lj Gww

    Just to point out that forum has facilities for private boards (accesable by members only for example)

    YAPWS has a authorization scheme where users are not automatically added but admin has to approve them. This gives at least part of the site working in protected way.

    Whole system is a bit disbalanced in features and some uniformity in access rights and control of the publicity of the content would be nice.

  • Could you try something like creating a procedure in your to create the html for the menu e.g

    sub family_panel
    # Get help topic.
    my $script_name = $ENV{SCRIPT_NAME};
    $script_name =~ s(^.*/)();
    my ($topic, $ext) = split (/./, $script_name);

    >>> IF THE USER IS LOGGED IN <<<<<<
    if ($user_data{uid} ne $usr{anonuser})
    my $family_panel = box_header("Family Tools");
    # Print help link.
    $family_panel .= menu_item("$cfg{pageurl}/help.$cfg{ext}?topic=$topic", $nav{10});
    # Print another link.
    $family_panel .= menu_item("$cfg{pageurl}/supportform.$cfg{ext}", $nav{58});
    $family_panel .= box_footer();
    return $family_panel;

    then in the main script spewing out the HTML print your $family_panel

    I've seen this done for groups defined within Yawps, where depending on the group the user belongs to, they get a different set of menu options (version 7.1 I think). I'll have a look around, if I find the code I'll post it here.