Yawps lives!

    • All I see living there is a spam engine. Did you let your domain expire?

      • AnimAlf

        I see any group member in web-app.net after the site expire. Is alive.

      • Major problems with security in web-app.net Administrator and developer of web-app.net say have 1000 security holes. I compare both copies one from web-app.net and one from http://www.web-app.org and .net have many bad holes bring server down but web-app.org script much older and have not as many holes. I compare yawps and much of code is now different.

    • What's alive? I'm confused...

    • AnimAlf

      The shakaflex team was always a collaborating asset of the YaWPS project. But after the pause in their development, their work and their collaboration are in the project web-app (For me the best perl portal). You can locate them in the forums of http://www.web-app.net.

      This project seeks to go toward the developers help, to differ of the project web-app. Not toward the web-portal.

      The idea is to develop modules to developers help. Although the time will say it.




    • http://www.web-app.net is crap compaired to YAWPS!

      web-app does not use strict, warning, CGI.pm, taint and the sanitation of param's is 100% the wrong way of securing them.

      IMO, web-app is the most dangerous cgi script out there.

      Your out-look of Team Shaka Flex is mostly wrong, There work with web-app was to show The web-app developers that the core of web-app is very unstable vs YAWPS and YAWPS's cleaner style of Perl programing is where web-app has most of its problems.
      they think its way to much work on the web-app script to have it use strict, warning, CGI.pm, taint and is probably to hard for them to do anyway.

    • hi animalf how do you do. i do not now if you now the best modifications that shaka flex is doing with yawps. the modifications are so many so they call flex.. they abandon the proyect but i have a copy of the program so you can see all these progres and do the fixes need en it.

      the link to a copy is


      the program have includ:

      news rotation
      fix of XML archive
      security fixes so people can't do spam in the site.
      and more mayor fixes

      whit these you can advance your work more quick and have a new vercion.

      for your atention thanks
      Luis Ibarra

    • AnimAlf

      Thank you.

      Now I'm solving several personal problems that impede me to continue with the project , they don't steal me time, but they impede concentrate me. (I'm blocked, sorry).

      Shortly, I want to solved it and come back to the work again