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File Date Author Commit
branches 2007-08-31 mattflaherty [r940] Beta_8.2-bugfix branch added based on similarly...
conf 2006-10-03 msandoz [r399]
dav 2006-10-03 msandoz [r399]
db 2006-10-03 msandoz [r399]
hooks 2006-10-03 msandoz [r399]
locks 2006-10-03 msandoz [r399]
tags 2006-05-03 deanmao [r1] Project creation
trunk 3 days ago adamsmj [r2037] added binding summary view dialog
yawl 2006-09-27 msandoz [r394] Initial import.
README.txt 2006-10-03 msandoz [r399]
format 2006-10-03 msandoz [r399]

Read Me

This is a Subversion repository; use the 'svnadmin' tool to examine
it.  Do not add, delete, or modify files here unless you know how
to avoid corrupting the repository.

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