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Read Me

Hi there!

This is Yet Another TOC To CUE converter. It converts TOCs (CD_DA only) to a CUE.
For a more sophisticated approach that is also suitable for data, check out toc2cue
or cueconvert from cuetools. Actually cueconvert does in most part the same as
this script. There are 3 main differences, wich brought me to writing this:
 1) This script is able to extract the Artist from the Title field.
    A common promblem with samplers ('Various Artists')
 2) With this script you can choose the .wav file as a parameter
 3) This script is written perl, and I also needed some practise in that :-)
Apart from this the formatting of the output is intended to be exactly like that
from EAC (Exact Audio Copy), which may help in further processing. By the way EAC
runs well under wine.

New from 0.6 -> 0.7
 - Fixed bug 2952905 Empty ISRC and CATALOG fields
 - Added the option to read/write from/to stdin/stdout (feature request 2931449)

New from 0.5 -> 0.6
 - Now supports the MESSAGE tag from the toc. Will be inserted as REM in cue.
 - Now supports the START tag, aka Pregap from toc. Will be insterted as INDEX 00
 - The autodetect feature '-a' (splits if there's a 'Various' in the CD-PREFORMER)

You can reach this project under

This script is released under GNU/GPL v3.0. See LICENSE
Copyright (C) 2010 Rene Wolf