YAPM v2.1.0 released !!

Yet Another (remote) Process Monitor (YAPM) is a powerful process viewer for Windows that monitors the services & processes, their modules, threads, handles, windows, TCP/UDP connections, jobs... etc. running on local system or on any of the computers on your network.

After a hard work, here is the new release of YAPM (2.1.0) !!

Please note than YAPM now requires .Net Framework 3.5.
A setup is available.

Major changes from previous version :
- major code refactoring for x64 support (but YAPM support of x64 is still EXPERIMENTAL for now !)
- added unique and powerful Job management features which allows to create and manage jobs
- added 'Terminate by method' feature
- some optimizations
- critical bugs fixes

Please visit YAPM project page for more informations : http//sourceforge.net/projects/yaprocmon/

Complete changelog :



* NEW / Improvements
- Now YAPM needs .Net 3.5 to work.
- Added "basic and experimental" x64 support (full support in a few weeks)
- General stability improvements
- Added full job management (on local machine only for now)
- Added "Terminate by method" feature (with 5 different methods)
- Added tray notifications for new/deleted processes/services
- Optimization for handles enumeration
- Optimization for application startup
- Optimization when opening 'process/service detailed window'
- Optimization for threads enumeration via WMI
- Added "Center window on screen" feature
- Added "relocated modules" hilighting
- Added new informations about handles
- "Copy to clipboard" informations are now sorted in context-menu
- Improved UI appearance

* Bug fixed
- YAPM does not hung anymore when some processes are also hung
- Now affinity changes for threads work
- Fixed 'key already added' bug
- Fixed some bugs with WMI connection
- Fixed #2837129 (search in Window tab crash)
- Fixed lots of other bugs...
- Now 'system processes' highlighting works for all cultures
- No more crash when resizing main window
- 'Shutdown' functions (using context menu of tray icon) now force shutdown by default

Posted by violent_ken 2009-08-31