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YAPM 2.0.3 released !

Yet Another Process Monitor (YAPM) is a powerful process viewer for Windows that monitors the services & processes, their modules, threads, handles, windows, TCP/UDP connections... etc. running on local system or on any of the computers on your network.

After a hard work, here is the new release of YAPM (2.0.3) !

Major changes from previous version :
- improved general performances (reduced CPU usage by 50%)
- works well with UAC under Windows Vista
- new features were added (memory management, GUI options...)
- lots of critical bugs have been fixed

Please visit YAPM project page for more informations : http//

Full changelog :



* General changes & internal
- High general optimisations (reduced CPU usage by ~50%)
- General code refactoring (merge pieces of code, so there is no more VB.Net dlls)
- Works well with UAC and limited rights under Vista and above
- Modules and memory areas are enumerated much faster
- Better semaphore protection for multi-threading
- "Pending task" feature works well (but not completely avaialble for remote monitoring)

* GUI changes
- No more "toolstrips menu" : replaced by normal menus
- Colors of main form are better under Windows XP
- Column reorganization works well
- "Enter" keypress on processes/services list open detailed view
- added drag & drop to open a file in "files view"
- added "Copy to clipboard" everywhere
- temporary removed SBA from menus
- removed icons from tabcontrols
- added "highlighting" for local mode
- added internet search and file details in dependency viewer
- menus are disabled when nothing is selected or when the action has no sense
- added a statusbar
- refresh works everywhere with F5 keypress
- added toolitps almost everywhere
- now all menus are available without Ribbon style
- all windows functions are avaialble in detailed view and via right click menu on main view

* New informations availables
- added new informatons about processes
- added "Description port" information for remote connections (for example it says that port 23 is telnet)
- more informations are retrieved for modules

* New features
- added Decommit/Release/Change protection features for memory
- added "Navigate to" for key/file handles

* Options
- "automatically get online infos" option
- now upgrades settings from previous versions of YAPM if possible
- added "Show user group/domain" option

* Minor changes
- now user can choose port for remote communication
- now retrieve update informations from YAPM webiste (not

* Bug fixes
- no more flickering
- start hidden works well
- ctrl+c works well on listviews
- fixed "informations view" for remote view of modules
- fixed perf counters bug when no instance available
- parent processes info is OK after deconnection/reconnection
- fixed icon bug in moduleList
- dependency viewer only opens if file exists
- fixed bug #2832606 (commandLine refactored)
- fixed bug #2832408 (key exists, env variable)
- fixed bug #2807722
- replace taskmgr OK for Vista
- no more crash when save miniDump on a location where we have no rights to write
- no more "beep" when exit from preferences after changing ShowRibbon property
- now task and windows captions are updated
- many many others...

Posted by violent_ken 2009-08-09