Version 8.40 Release Notes

Detailed Release Notes

Bugs Fixed:
• Fixed Bug #1372 - Fixed Amazing Initiative bonus.
• Fixed Bug #1373 - Spelling error on Mythic Tab
• Fixed Feat #223 (Reopened under specific circumstances) - With Commonplace guns, firearms were changed to Martial Weapons but not all characters received the proficiency they deserved.
• Fixed Bug #1377 - Fixed Reflex Saves for Dragon Disciples.
• Fixed Bug #1378 - "Claws" did not increase in size at 7th level as they should (instead they advanced at 8th level)
• Fixed Bug #1379 - Robe of Arcane Heritage combined with Draconic Bloodline Sorcerer was not calculating Natural Armor Class Bonus at increased level.
• Fixed Bug #1380 - Corrected number of breath weapons per day for Dragon Disciple.
• Fixed Bug #1381 - Corrected cost of mithral shields.
• Fixed Bug #1383 - Some rod did not show their chargers per day.
• Fixed Bug #1336 - Weapon Focus for semi-exotics used two-handed.
• Fixed Bug #1385 - Fighters can choose Firearm for Weapon Training/Mastery.
• Fixed Bug #1384 - fixed another Dragon Disciple stacking error - Draconic Resistance

New Features:
• New Feature: Added arcane/opposition school warnings to Wizard spell preparation.
• New Feature: Added dropdown on Feats page to directly select weapon for feats.

New Content:
• Added the last remaining content from Paths of Prestige. This completes Paths of Prestige.

Posted by Mike 2014-01-12