Version 8.39 Release Notes

Detailed Release Notes

• Fixed Bug #1359 - Fixed Feral Combat Training prerequisites.
• Fixed Bug #1363 - Fixed Qinggong spelling.
• Fixed Bug #1356 - Hexcrafters now able to take Extra Arcana Feat and minor formatting bug fixed.
• Fixed Bug #1357 - Grey Disciple should not get 6th level Bonus Monk Feat
• Fixed Bug #1358 - New Kobold Race trait (Prehensile Tail) was causing incorrect calculations on tieflings.
• Fixed Bug #1360 - Certain magus archetypes allowed by the rules were in conflict regarding Magus Arcana.
• Reworked bug #1354 and Fixing Bug #1364 - Visual basic solution did not work reliably. Instead it now checks the length of the languages and if too long, moves the language list to the back page.
• Fixed Bug #1365 - Sixth level Rogue trait highlighted 2 levels too early.
• Fixed Bug #1366 - Fixed spelling of "aberration" at several points within project.
• Fixed Bug #1367 - Resolved Instant Judgement Feat's level prereq error.

New Features:
• Feature Request (Bug #1361: You can now use hybrid firearms as melee weapons (simply select the new "pseudo-weapon" on the Equipment tab)
• Feature Request (Bug #1362): Custom races now include the ability to specify language details for custom races.
• Feature Request: Added Weapon of Awe and Wrathful Mantle as Spell conditions on the "Buffs and Conditions" tab.

New Content:
• Added Equipment Kits, Feats, Spells and Special Weapon Ability from Pathfinder Society Primer
• Added Storm Kindler and Tattooed Mystic Prestige Classes from Paths to Prestige

Posted by Mike 2014-01-05