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after some delay version 0.1.4 is now avaliable [1] and adds the following features:

- A very basic plugin system which is currently more of less a playground to see how it might work.

- A pgp5-plugin for [en|de]cryption using

- The hotsync-plugin for palm pilots uses the
pilot-link package and is not very useful so
far since it only allows to download the
memo and the todo databases.... read more

Posted by Michael Hußmann 2000-07-23


The next version is ready and avaliable for download now. There' pretty much changes this time so it might be worth to update.

Posted by Michael Hußmann 2000-03-29


warns before changes are lost
context menu on note-text
open in browser
view as mime
run command
run pipe
translations: swedish, german

Posted by Michael Hußmann 2000-02-14