Hi Trans
Thanks for your mail. Yes you are right, you install libyaml via the distro.

My problem was an old version of rvm. I upgarded to rvm 1.6.20 and suddenly I could parse with psych. There was nothing wrong with the installation of libyaml.

Many thanks for the reply


On 12 June 2011 13:36, Trans <transfire@gmail.com> wrote:
On Jun 6, 9:53 pm, Mark Lennon <mplen...@gmail.com> wrote:

> Does anyone know the correct process for installing ruby via rvm so that
> libyaml is available?
> I can't even get
> $ rvm package install libyaml
> to work even though this is supposed to be a default command

I think you have to install libyaml via your distro's pacakge system,
e.g. apt-get and you will probably need the developers package. Then
you want Ruby 1.9.2+ which has the Psych library which is a binding to

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