I've done plenty of work in XML. Now I'm looking into YAML to see how it can make the same sort of content more approachable to humans. Given that I'm relatively new to YAML, I'm hoping some people here can give me some general guidance which designs are more "YAML-like" and not "too much like XML". :)

Note: I'm also experimenting with YAML via Python so if things look "too much like Python" then please set me straight there as well.

This style seems to be most YAML-like:

- a: MyA
  data: data for a
  - x: MyX
  - y: MyY
  - z: MyZ
- b: MyB

But this style was serializing better:

- !ObjectA
  name: MyA
  data: data for a
    - !ObjectX
      name: MyX
    - !ObjectY
      name: MyY
    - !ObjectZ
      name: MyZ
- !ObjectB
  name: MyB

Any recommendations?

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