The current YAML spec does not have this feature. The title of 6.11 is misleading; it refers to the fact that multiple comment lines maybe included in what is logically a single white space separator between tokens.

YAML 1.2 is finalized. Adding a /* ... */ style comment may be in scope for 1.3 or 2.0. There are pros and cons for adding it, and it isn't clear what syntax to use. At any rate, we have no concrete plans for working on a new version - ideally now the effort should focus on updating the implementations to match the 1.2 spec.

FWIW, JSON doesn't allow for any comments whatsoever :-)

In the meanwhile, most editors make it pretty painless to add a '#' character at the start of a range of lines.

Have fun,

    Oren Ben-Kiki

On Wed, Oct 14, 2009 at 3:35 AM, <> wrote:
Example 6.11 at is about
multi-line comments.   I don't understand how the right-hand green box
relates to this.  It has no # comments.  I have a need to comment out
large blocks of lines (like C's /* ... */).   Is this possible in YAML,
and if not, could I suggest that it be added?


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