#9 Newly installed YAJSW service corrupts other YAJSW service


A newly installed YAJSW service disables and corrupts a previously installed YAJSW service. Steps to reproduce.

1. Create and configure a new YAJSW service wrapper for a Java application "alpha01".
2. Install and service (Windows 7) and confirm that it runs as expected, including start, stop, and auto start with OS reboot.
3. Save the wrapper.conf for "alpha01". Verify that this service is installed and running successfully.
4. Create a brand new YAJSW service wrapper for a new Java application "beta01".
5. Validate the new wrapper.conf is correct and complete.

6. Install the service for "beta01" and verify the service appears in Windows Service Manager.
7. Try to start service "beta01". Does not start.
8. Stop service "alpha01" then start "beta01" - successfully starts.
9. Go back try restart of "alpha01". Service "alpha01" does not start. Reboot PC no change - "alpha01" never restarts. "beta01" continues to run successfully.
10. Stop and remove "beta01".
11. Try restart "alpha01" - restart FAILS, application generates no startup logs suggesting corruption.
12 Go back to step 1, "alpha01" is reinstalled and works successfully. So installing a 2nd YAJSW service appeared to corrupt the first.

Initially spent a significant amount of time thinking that the local Windows security profile and/or anti-virus was disabling "suspicious" services. But with all security components disabling I can consistently reproduce the steps above.

So I guess the first question is - Can YAJSW support more than one service at a time ? If so, is there a possible mis-configuration that could be causing this. Maybe I missed something in the wrapper.conf file ?

Thanks for any help you can provide.


  • Djangofan

    I have to say that I am experiencing something similar trying to run multiple instances of JBoss ( https://gist.github.com/djangofan/4366912 ) . I set up 3 clustered instances months ago, using the wrapper to control the instance members. Then, strangely, a few months later, instances #2 and #3 will not start but instance #1 will. Instance #2 and #3 throw the error:

    [SC] StartService FAILED 1053:
    The service did not respond to the start or control request in a timely fashion.
    Checking status of service...
    Pausing for 2 seconds.
    Status of "JBOSS_ports-02" : STATE - STOPPED
    Service is stopped.

  • rzo

    what did you change that the services will not start ?
    are log files created ? for the services which are not started ?

  • Martin

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