yajsw-stable-11.09 released

  • New: Property: wrapper.runtime.pidfile: create a pid file for runtime applications
  • New: Property: wrapper.image.javawrapper: wrap a runtime application with a java application, so that (on winodws) we can restart the wrapper process and reconnect to the secondary java wrapper without restarting the native application.
  • New: Property wrapper.filter.debug.<trigger key="">=true to enable logging of trigger executions
  • New: Property: wrapper.debug.comm: enable tcp/ip communication trace with wrapped application
  • New: Property: wrapper.ntservice.stop_dependency: Linux stop dependency
  • New: source on sourceforge git
  • Change: src folder structure to meet maven requirements. Gradle build scripts adapted accordingly.
  • Change: monitor.gc when wrapper.java.monitor.gc message template is not set, but wrapper.java.monitor.gc.restart is set in this case no gc information is logged to output, but gc data is sent to the controller.
  • Change: app shutdown script: be invoked only once; avoid triggering of shutdown hook when executing app shutdown script assume that app shutdown script will stop the process. if not it will be killed after timeout
  • Change: ahessian: (not relevant for yajsw): new: inverse server rpc.
  • Bug: Searching for 32-bit JVMs on Windows x64
  • Bug: error in mbean objectname when title includes ":"
  • Bug: abs path wrapper.java.classpath with
  • in linux not working * Bug: Linux service scripts not compatible with chkconfig
  • Bug: "Bad substitution" because of not escaped quotes
  • Bug: CyclicBufferFileInputStream: probable endless loop
  • Bug: Runtime process does not restart when invoked through a trigger
Posted by rzo 2013-12-23