#457 YPOPS not working unless security permissions changed

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Windows XP, YPOPS 0.8.8
If you install Yahoo POPS in , for instance,
C:\Program files or similar installation directory
where ordinary users on machine have only Read-only permissions through NTFS security, YPOPS does not work.


First, enable that every user can use its own files with appropriate user rights without ability to read or change other user`s mail. To achieve this you must disable read permissions for all users for all users on YPOPS directory and enable read-only permissions on existing YPOPS program files (not directory) PRIOR to adding CREATOROWNER and User file and folder creating permissions.

Then, the only way to achieve YPOPS working on Windows with NTFS permissions is to add security permissions for users to write in the directory where ypops is installed. This can be done by manually adding following directory permissions:
Add Full permissions to CREATOROWNER.
After That, add file and folder permissions for users (not just add change permission for users):
Create files/Write data and Create folders/append data.

Note that You should also enable users
to be able to change ypops.ini and ypops.log
but disable users delete permissions to those files!
*Note that all users can read everyone elses use of ypops written in log file and it can not be avoided.

It also useful to change settings to ypops.ini when running YPOPS as administrator and make ypops.ini read-only for users. This way users could not change
settings for Ypops and make application
unusable for all other users.

Final notes:
Additional minus to writing user data in directory where program itself resides (As YPOPS currently does)
is that Mail database for user/users could become
very large and fragmented and that it is often not
included in Automated Backup process that usually have only \Documents and settings (or in Vista`s \Users directory in mind )

Possible solution 1:
The whole thing with file permittions could be avoided if YPOPS could read in registry where User directories resides
(\Documents and settings on Win2K/Xp - note that it does not need to be C, but can reside on D, E, F:\Documents and settings instead etc.)
and write downloaded mails and all configurations
in appropriate personal user directories.

Possible solution 2:
Installation process could Make data directory for Ypop mails under All users directory under appropriate
disc and documents and settings
but enable directory file permissions
as described in workaround.
This way, installation process could
make ypops work on all Win xp installations
(and other windows versions, regarding registry settings for user directories)