#448 Keep getting the same emails

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The same emails keep getting pulled into Outlook
every time it synchs with Yahoo. I now have 4 or 5
copies of the exact same emails.


  • Bobo

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    I think I have noticed what the problem is in this case, it happened to me over and over again. I have some messages in my Yahoo, about 7-8,000 messages, and I wanted to download all messages so I unchecked the limit list box. What happened all the time then was that it never downloaded much more than the value that was there from start, in other words 40 messages and then just quit downloading and it reported an error in the log. And when I then tried again and again Yahoo refused me to log on with and gave me the error code 999.

    I just recently got fed up with Ypops since it downloaded the last 40 messages over and over again and if I checked the box it would only download as many as I typed in the box, no more no less, but at least it didn't downloaded the same messages over ans over again. So now when I got fed up I just typed 5,000 in the amount and checked the box and then clicked OK, opened up Configure again and unchecked the box for limit and downloaded my other Yahoo mailbox and it went perfectly fine. And I am now up to 1,600 messages on my other mailbox.

    So it seems like the limit value is not cleared and Ypops somehow "crashes" after specified amount is fulfilled.

    So I would probably recommend to enter 9,999 as value or blank, I have not trued blank yet though but I am not really interested to try now when I am up to 1,600 messages and is still counting.

    I am afraid it will crash at 5,000 now since I changed to 9,999 during the download of these 7-8,000 messages. Maybe if I abort it in Outlook and then start again. Hmmm... that will probably also tell me if it will start over from 1 or start where it left off.

    It seems like it is picking up at where it was when I canceled the download from Outlook. So it is now at 1,800 something, will be interesting to see what happens at 5,000.