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#353 Problems w. WinXP Fast User Switching

Neil Marko

We are multiple users using YahooPOPs! on an Windows
XP machine with Fast User Switching.
The second user to log on (and any further user as well)
receives two error messages because an additional
instance of YahooPOPs! is starting:
"Unable to create POP3 server socket. Please ensure
that another copy of this program is not running. [...]"
"Unable to create SMTP server socket. Please ensure
that another copy of this program is not running. [...]"

How can this error messages be avoided?
Can YahooPOPs! realize that its already running and
then automatically exit w/o displaying those messages?


  • Anuj Seth
    Anuj Seth

    Logged In: YES

    The 0.6 version of YP is introducing a command line
    parameter "/SILENT" which will exit without showing any
    errors. Do modify your startup shortcuts to include this

    The 0.6 release will be out soon.

  • All Users Startup Shortcut

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    Dear anujseth,
    the /SILENT command line parameter seems to be of no
    effect - even in release 0.6:
    1. The error messages are displayed anyway
    2. a second instance of YahooPOPs! keeps on running.
    I have uploaded my All Users Startup Shortcut with
    the /SILENT parameter set for your analysis. I made sure that
    there are no other YahooPOPs! startup shortcuts on my
    machine - neither in the registry nor in the individual users'
    startup folders.
    What am I doing wrong? Do you have any remedy?
    Please advise!

  • Logged In: YES

    Deeper analysis has revealed that the /SILENT parameter
    works if YahooPOPs! is already running under the SAME user
    account. In this case it just silently exits.
    However, if YahooPOPs! is already running under ANOTHER
    user's account having logged in before (through Win XP fast
    user switching), the /SILENT parameter does not detect this
    YahooPOPs! process and the annoying behaviour occurs.

  • Don Beusee
    Don Beusee

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    Thank you for using YahooPOPs! and thank you for bringing the
    problem report to our notice.

    Based on the report you have filed, at first glance we believe this
    could be a bug in the product.

    We have assigned the report to a developer who might be
    interacting with you via this active bug report to gather more
    information (if required) to fix this problem.

    If you feel that there is no progress being made on the report,
    kindly add a comment to this bug report itself. Do not raise
    another bug report or try to get in touch directly with the developer
    via email.

    We internally prioritize bug reports and try to fix the critical ones

    Once a fix is made available, we will close this report and inform
    you about the release number which will contain the fix to this

    • The YahooPOPs! Team
  • Don Beusee
    Don Beusee

    Logged In: YES

    ypops will be made into a service in 0.8. Assigning to Neil to test
    this scenerio when this enhancement is completed..