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yac163-nox 0.3.0 released

Finally, the version 0.3.0 yac163 is released. Now, this software is only a pure client for downloading albums and photos from Netease Album server (http://photo.163com). It can do batchly downloading and previewing the thumbnails. Are you a ACG fans? Then go to download comics and pictures from Netease!

Posted by Tao Liu 2007-07-28

yac163-nox version 0.1 release with Chinese translation!

Finally I translate the UI into Chinese. It has been a long time since the last release, and with many bugs fixed and many features added, please give it a try.

Posted by Tao Liu 2005-10-10

Please download codes thru CVS during developing stage

Everyday is new.

Posted by Tao Liu 2005-09-14